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Strike 1
Strike 2
Strike 3
Mute 3 days
Mute 7 days
Offensive Language
Mute 1 day
Mute 7 days
Account Terminated
Staff Impersonation
Account Terminated
Law Violation
Account Terminated
Attempting to play Rage MYKO on a service not controlled by an authorized Rage MYKO distributor or calling other players to violate this rule
Account Terminated
Server Emulator
Account Terminated
Interference with users
GM Discretion
Advertising (i.e. shouting in general chat) Third Party Websites
Account Terminated
Update: Nation Points (NP) Transfers Reduced to 100 NP, 30 day ban
Account Terminated
Bug Abuse to gain Nation Points (NP)
Reduced to 100 NP, 10 day ban
Reduced to 100 NP, 30 day ban
Account Terminated
Update: Duplicating Items / Possession of duped items
Items Deleted / Ban or Account termination
determined by Lead GMs
Payment Fraud
Account Terminated
Unauthorized Account Access
Account Terminated
Violation of the Naming Policy
Account Terminated
Update: All Bug Abuse
Ban 30 days
Update: Using 3rd Party Tools or participation in a 3rd Party Tools group
Account Terminated
New: False ban claims regarding 3rd Party Tools. Claims sent to Customer Support regarding "Ban disputes" will be investigated.
If after the investigation, the ban is found to be legitimate, the account will remain terminated.
Communicating with a GM using rude language or spamming messages.
Lead GMs Discretion, and may lead up to Account Termination
Possession of a Bugged item, Hacked item or Stolen item.
Ban 10 days, All suspicious items and coins are deleted
New: Requesting another Player's User ID
Account Terminated
New: Undermining the spirit and integrity of the game
GM Discretion
up to and including Account Termination
New: Shared Accounts
Will receive no Customer Support
and can lead to Account Termination
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